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Copyright © 2017 - 2021 Jen Lublin Design, LLC. All Rights Reserved.  All works by the artist Jen Lublin, including images on this site or artworks purchased from the artist are US Copyrighted and Exclusive Property of Jen Lublin Design, LLC. All purchased artworks from Jen Lublin Design are strictly for for PERSONAL USE ONLY and do not include any licensed use. If you intend to use your purchased artwork in any way outside the scope of personal enjoyment, you must contact Jen Lublin Design for distribution licensing with paid royalties.  Images may not be used, copied, downloaded, sold, redistributed, impersonated, altered, or printed. Reproduction and/or Commercial use of the artwork without explicit written consent from the artist, Jen Lublin, is strictly prohibited and punishable by U.S. and international copyright laws. The artist always retains rights to her original works and their digital files. The sale of custom or ready-made products on this site does not transfer rights of any kind to the artwork or images themselves, nor does it act as an artist 'work for hire'. Jen Lublin Design, LLC owns all exclusive rights to the unique content, business model, structures and brand identity displayed on this website, online shop and social media platforms. Using or imitating any intellectual properties solely entitled to its creator Jen Lublin, would be a violation of copyright / trademark ownership and infringement, resulting in legal action.

All commissioned works by the artist are strictly for PERSONAL ENJOYMENT or GIFT-GIVING for the same intended purposed. Re-sale, duplication and/or business-use of the artist's work is strictly prohibited, unless with written consent from the artist. For all commissioned and original artwork sales, the Artist Jen Lublin retains intellectual property rights to the use of the artworks in any capacity, as well as digital and commercial usage.

If any reproduction licensing or use of any kind involving the works of Jen Lublin is to be pursued, you may inquire with the Artist for a reproduction quote.  If in agreement, you will be required to sign a licensing agreement with the artist via contract invoice before any usage is allowed.

If sharing your custom illustration work on social media, we require the Artist's handles to be tagged and credit mentioned in any social share (For Instagram: @jenlublindesign / For Facebook:  @Jen Lublin Design).  The artist's signature must always be visible on any type of social share of the work, with the original artwork unedited.  Thank you.



If you wish to commission with the artist an illustration project for business-use or for re-sale purposes with licensing agreement, please contact us at to inquire more about the business-use process, contracts and rates.


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