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For your beautiful creativity in making my one-of-a-kind keepsake from my son’s wedding and our family Christmas card this year. A long long time ago, I saw Jeff Gordon co-host on Live with Regis & Kelly. He shared his family’s holiday card. It was a gorgeous card, I had never seen anything like it. I took a screenshot of it then and always dreamt of having a card so unique and lovely. After researching and finally finding Jen and talking with her, she created a huge wall print and holiday cards for us, just as dreamy as can be. I can’t imagine being so talented and gifted as Jen is. What a treat to get to know her and be a tiny part of her world for a time. We will treasure your gift always!

Purchased the PREMIER Custom Group Illustration with Background (5-6 Figures) + Print Licensing for Holiday Cards

Glynette S. {Verified Customer}

Family Portrait Illustration

I first saw Jen's work on Instagram, and absolutely loved her style. I knew that a family portrait - illustrated in her whimsical style - would be a keepsake for years to come. What made our piece even more special, though, was that Jen was willing to customize my illustration by sprinkling bluebonnets into the shadows. At each stage, she checked in to make sure that we were on the same page about the direction of the illustration and asked for feedback. She truly partners with her clients. 

Working with Jen was an absolute delight. She is talented, kind and dedicated to exceeding her client's expectations. Through her process, I felt like she really got to know my family, and captured each of their personalities perfectly. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and am already thinking about the next piece that I can commission. 

Purchased the PREMIER Custom Group Illustration

Jen B. {Verified Customer}

"Birthday Success!! for the Girl who has pretty much everything....."

"What do you get for the friend who has pretty much everything? We didn't know... until the lightbulb went off and we contacted Jen Lublin Designs. Working with Jen was so satisfying and easy, she was always available to work with our feedback along the journey of creating the illustration. Shorter hair, not so blond, color edits, background details etc. We were so pleased and happy with the final result not to mention our Birthday girl!!! She was blown away with the entire creation and concept. Our Birthday Girl loves Chanel, we love Newport RI and we love each other! "The Triplets" (look closely in the background ) are forever together in her original Jen Lublin Design illustration!! Jen was also able to provide the other two triplets with prints of her original as a memory for the non birthday girls. This is the ultimate in gift giving, a special special surprise for a special friend. Thank you Jen, your talent is such a gift! thank you for sharing it. Signed, A Triplet"

Purchased the PREMIER Custom Illustration with Background (3-4 Full Figures) 

Anna Leah P. {Verified Customer}


I had the best experience creating the most amazing Father's Day gift for my husband. Jen collaborated a bunch of photos I sent her of us as a family, of my desired outfit details, and photos from the college campus where my husband and I met. She put all my ideas together to create such an incredibly special keepsake of the four of us in a place that holds so much personal meaning! Jen was responsive and so easy to work with from start to finish. Her talent is undeniable and so unique...can't wait to use her again!!

Purchased the PREMIER Custom Illustration with Full Background (3-4 Full Figures)

Dani K. {Verified Customer}

A wonderful gift to my fiancé!

I LOVE Jen's work on Instagram and finally took the plunge & commissioned her to do an art of my future husband and I. As a surprise gift before we got married.
We hadn't had any engagement photos taken and she was able to make an art for us with her creative license. It was so great. She was so sweet and kind to work with right from the start, and I provided 2 photos to her and she came back with an incredible piece for us!! I was amazed by her talent and ability to create something so wonderful, without having the perfect photo to work off of from the start.
She is incredible and I'd definitely recommend her to everyone I know. So many heads turn the moment they walk in my home and see her beautiful art hanging in our entry way :-)

Thanks Jen!

Purchased the BASIC Custom Illustration with Full Background (1-2 Full Figures)

Lara {Verified Customer}


I can't say enough about how much I adore my custom illustration of my two daughters from Jen. From our first email she was so kind; she asked for photos and any other information about my daughters whom she was to illustrate. I gave her detailed notes about what I wanted included in the illustration and she incorporated everything I asked her to do! She emailed me a sample of the drawing and even made one more small change to it for me, and then it was perfect. She's so patient, detail oriented and wanted the illustration to be exactly what I asked for. I received it shortly after in a beautiful packaging with a lovely hand written note thanking me. I can't thank her enough for creating such a special illustration of my daughters that we will all cherish for a long time. Everyone who comes into my home and sees it on my wall gasps at how gorgeous the drawing is and how much it resembles my girls. I can't wait to order another as a gift! Thank you Jen for making me feel like a special client!! 

Purchased the PREMIER Custom Illustration with Solid Background (1 - 2 Full Figures)

Tanja L. {Verified Customer}

Amazing gift to give

I wanted to give my friend a special gift, as she is one of those people that has everything! I found Jen and decided to get my friend a custom illustration of the two of us in a trip. Jen was so helpful and nice throughout the whole process. I loved it, and more importantly, my friend loveeeed it, she couldn't stop talking about it.

Purchased the PREMIER Custom Illustration with Partial Background (1 - 2 Full Figures)

Patty I. {Verified Customer}

Love It

I went to go visit my friend in Utah. I wanted to give her a great gift that was special and unique. Jen did an awesome job. It turned our great! I highly recommend.

Purchased the BASIC Custom Illustration with Full Background (1-2 Full Figures)

Jennifer A. {Verified Customer}

Best Gift Ever!

Seriously am so thrilled with Jen Lublin! Not only was she extremely professional but she clearly is so passionate about what she does! Seriously talented, would recommend her to anyone!

Purchased the PREMIER Custom Detail Portrait- Solid Background

Michelle {Verified Customer}




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