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Jen Lublin - Fine Artist of Whimsical Portraiture. Image Copyright ©Jen Lublin Design, LLC & Katie Donnelly Photography / SAS Kapfer Studios

Jen Lublin is an internationally acclaimed Portrait and Lifestyle Artist who's Illustration style is inimitably fresh and full of originality.  Her whimsically-detailed aesthetic and boldly colorful renderings are her unique forte and the foundation on which she established herself as a Fine Artist.  She proudly hand-illustrates and provides only Original works, which are a melange of Portraiture, Lifestyle and Travel-themed Collections. Jen is most recognized for her portrait commissions by private clients, notables & celebrities, with her artworks showcased in their personal spaces across the globe. Along with her commissions, Jen's portrait works have been featured and celebrated on Social Media by Blake LivelyKhloé Kardashian & Kylie JennerGisele Bündchen, Eva Longoria , Rachel Zoe , and John Legend amongst others. Her Portrait and Wedding Artworks have also been published by Modern Luxury Weddings Texas (2021), Palm Beach Illustrated (2020), HOLA! Magazine (2019) and The Huffington Post (2018). 

In 2021, Jen began to focus more intensively on private heartfelt commissions for prominent clientele. A commemorative life and family portrait was privately commissioned and gifted to the legendary Dr. Jane Goodall , which is now proudly displayed in her private residence. Much of these works during this time have become treasured by their collectors, and were not revealed to the general public for their sentimental significance. In 2022, An exclusive collector of Jen's works commissioned her for a memorializing Family portrait, gifted to one of the world's most respected stars in Hollywood and on Broadway, Hugh Jackman . That special tribute artwork is now treasured in the Actor's home. Thereafter, Jen was commissioned for an ultra-private Wedding portrait as a Christmas gift to Music and Hollywood Icons, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck . These extraordinary opportunities with exclusive nostalgic works for monumental occasions have become her most rewarding body of work thus far.

Adding to her lifetime achievements, Jen has on occasion, partnered with global clients to license her artwork for commercial branding. One of which delightfully appeared on product packaging for a Luxury Skincare line launched by Dr. Nina Bal , an award-winning dermatologist based in London, UK. The product with Jen's original art was also featured in Forbes and Tatler Magazine

Jen is currently at work on a PARIS MON AMOUR Series passion-project during her Artist sabbatical abroad in Paris, France for part of 2024.

Jen Lublin - Fine Artist of Whimsical Portraiture. Image Copyright ©Jen Lublin Design, LLC & Katie Donnelly Photography / SAS Kapfer Studios


Originally from Westchester County, New York, Jen grew up with a love for fashion and whimsically beautiful art. As early as she could remember, she was always sketching figures and fashionable illustrations everywhere she got the chance to. Her passion early on was capturing the unique idiosyncrasies of people. In tune with her own fashion sense, at the young age of 13, she began illustrating fashion figures in a hobby that would span across her entire adolescent years.  Her biggest inspirations at the time were the iconic J.Crew Catalogs of the 90’s, which she endlessly stock-piled and collected, admiring them passionately.  She took those influences and throughout her adolescence, illustrated what would become a vast fashion catalog of her very own creations.

During her youth, Jen developed a love for exquisite art and studied heavily in the Fine Arts. It wasn't until her formal art studies abroad in Paris, France, that she immersed herself in French Impressionism, particularly Pointillism.  To this day, she pays homage to her favorite movement with playful influences of Neo-Impressionism in her uniquely evolving illustration style.  The endless practicing of art studies and fashion illustration at a young age, gave her the ambition to follow her dreams back then and today.  She went on to obtain a BFA in Studio Art (emphasis major in Illustration Drawing), French language immersion and Art History studies from La Sorbonne and The American University of Paris, and lastly, an AAS Fashion Design degree from Parsons School of Design in NYC. Jen then professionally pursued 15 years as a Fashion Designer in the Women's Contemporary NYC apparel industry.

Jen is now a Full-Time Fine Artist, having merged her love for fashion, illustration and portraiture, she since launched her own namesake Art Design Studio at the start of 2017. Her goal has been to create fun and unique, timeless keepsakes for all to enjoy.  Before becoming a full-time Artist, Jen worked passionately as a Fashion Designer of 7 years for Michael Kors, with a decade of prior expertise that includes a repertoire of globally prestigious, contemporary fashion brands such as Milly NY,  Ramy Brook, Alice + Olivia, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Diane von Furstenberg (apprenticeship).

Jen currently resides in Connecticut where she illustrates from her beloved creative studio.  Launching her very own online illustration shop had been a life-long dream.  Creating truly customized works of art for her clientele to cherish for a lifetime has been her most rewarding enjoyment thus far!


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Jen Lublin - Fine Artist of Whimsical Portraiture. Image Copyright ©Jen Lublin Design, LLC & Katie Donnelly Photography / SAS Kapfer Studios


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