Standard order processing is currently 4-5 months. Accepting rush orders with inquiry approval by contacting us here. Thank you!



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Thank you for taking an interest in my custom illustration work! I truly pride myself in creating stand-out, one-of-a-kind illustrations for my clientele that I know they will cherish for all the years to come! My Custom illustrations are more than just life-like replica drawings of my client's photographs. They are meant to bring to life on paper all of the wonderful attributes and idiosyncrasies of my subjects in a playful manner and with my signature whimsical style. All of my artworks are completely hand-drawn, with many hours spent putting together a thoughtful vision. I pride myself in providing a one-on-one, full customization experience with my clients, a rarity these days in the commissioned art world.  I truly appreciate the tangible, one-of-a-kind originality of a work of art in it's truest form.... making it even more meaningful when being given as a gift, or to hang on your wall, or to enjoy over the family mantel for years to come.  I experience so much joy in hearing my client's enthusiasm when they or their loved ones receive their custom artworks.  I hope to bring loads of happiness to you and your world through my love of illustration and style.  Putting a smile on my client's faces is the ultimate reason why I love what I do!


* *Before placing an order, please familiarize yourself with our below policies and procedures. Unsure which Custom Art option to choose? Contact us and we can help you select the option to best fit your needs and style!  Email us at: and we will respond within 24 hours.




  • General processing lead times for each custom illustration is approximately 4 months from date of order confirmation & details/photos received.
  • Lead times are based upon the estimated time to complete the work process and the artist's studio capacity as well as availability.


    • For a Rush order, you may purchase an expedite option for EACH artwork that requires a rush at an additional fee. Rush pricing is tiered based on the custom product type.  You can find this RUSH option in the drop-down options field when selecting your art to 'add to shopping cart' (where applicable).
    • Rush processing expedites in half the standard lead time for each custom art product. Should you require an even quicker turnaround, please inquiry via email through our Contact Page.
    • A single item rush lead turnaround is 2 full months to process.
      • Not all rush orders may be accommodated due to studio capacity. It is recommended to inquire for approval prior to purchasing if possible. In the unlikely event that your rush order is unable to be accommodated (especially during Holiday season), you will be notified promptly upon purchase and issued a full refund after point of sale if you wish to entirely cancel your order. Or you may decide to be refunded for the rush fee only, if the standard lead time becomes acceptable for you to proceed.

        Please note that all lead times are subject to change on our website based on the artist's availability. However, the lead time listed on our site at the time of your purchase will always be guaranteed for your order. It will be confirmed in your custom art processing form provided to you upon your purchase.



        1. THE DETAILS: You will be contacted within 48 hours after your purchase. We will review the details of your order via a Customizing Form and request UP TO (10) COLOR PHOTOS to reference for your customized work of art.

        2. PENCIL SKETCH: Upon receiving your detailed requests, the custom work processing begins. A preliminary pencil sketch of your custom illustration will be created and shared with you for approval, typically within 2 months for standard lead time. The pencil sketch is a rough outline to demonstrate general layout and vague detailing, which will be much more in-depth, detailed and dimensional in the final work.

        3. REVISIONS:  The artist always presents her most superior work to her clients and is confident in her skillset and style. She will work diligently to ensure that you are happy with the outcome of your art throughout the process.  If any revisions are requested at any stage of the process, they will be addressed promptly to ensure your vision. The artist will do her very best to accommodate any workable changes without impacting the studio scheduling nor disrupting the natural aesthetic of the artwork. A single round of revision at the 1st Draft Sketch Approval Phase is honored with no additional fee. Any further revisions outside of the workable scope will be offered at an additional fee. The artist will not sacrifice her signature whimsical style in any capacity which her artwork is recognized for.

        4. FINAL DESIGN: After the pencil sketch approval, the custom artwork will take up to 2 additional months with standard lead time to complete, based on the lead times pertaining to your art purchase. Total length (start to finish) with standard lead time is 4 MONTHS. Upon your review of the final work, the artist may make any workable changes if requested. Or if not deemed workable, a quote will be issued for a re-draw of the final art.

        3. FINISHING: A digital copy of your completed custom artwork will be emailed to you and the original work will be professionally packaged and shipped out promptly. The arts are to be used under PERSONAL USE or GIFT GIFTING terms. It is not to be used in any other capacity unless reproduction or licensing rights are purchased from the Artist.



        1. THE DETAILS: You will be contacted within 48 hours after your purchase. We will review the details of your order through a Simplified Customization Form and the Artist will request UP TO (2) CLEAR COLOR PHOTOS to reference for your customized art. Only general theme details and minimal specifications are accepted with this custom package type. The client gives creative freedom to the artist in this custom package.

        2. FINAL DESIGN: After the customizing details are received, the custom artwork will take up to 4 full months with standard lead time to complete, based on the lead times pertaining to your art purchase. There are absolutely NO approvals or modifications included with this package. No exceptions. If modifications or re-draws are requested by the client, they will be quoted at an additional fee. 

        3. FINISHING: A digital copy of your completed custom artwork will be emailed to you and the original work will be professionally packaged and shipped out promptly. The arts are to be used under PERSONAL USE or GIFT GIFTING terms. It is not to be used in any other capacity unless reproduction or licensing rights are purchased from the Artist.

        **Please kindly note: Any delay in processing by the client in regards to revisions or delayed communication with the artist/studio will result in a delayed lead time for the order and will void the initial lead time.  A new timeline will then be re-assessed at the sole discretion of the artist based on her scheduling and availability.


        ART DISCLAIMER: The artist always retains digital rights to all artworks created by her. The artist also retains the rights to use all of her arts, including client's  commissioned works, as promotional materials for Jen Lublin Design and on social media. If you have commissioned an art and wish for it to not be shared or promoted in any capacity, please inform us at the beginning of your Order Processing. The digital file of any client's custom art is NOT to be used by the client or others for duplication, reproduction printing, or to be altered or re-sold without written consent from the artist. If duplication/printing is requested, the artist will generally provide the client with a quote and contract to purchase reproduction rights if they so wish. The artist will never use or re-sell a client's digital art file for profit. The artist must always be credit mentioned when sharing or promoting your commissioned custom artwork. The artist's signature must always be visibly displayed on the artwork.



        Please kindly note that ALL prices and/or quotes for customized art commission work listed on this site are subject to change at any time and may increase with our costs, supply and demand for the Artist's work. If you contact us for a price quote, but do not arrange for your purchase order within 1 week of receiving your quote, we may not be able to honor it for you.



        The artist reserves all rights to decline a commission and/or purchased order, prior to processing. During heavily booked scheduling such as busy holiday seasons, the artist may need to turn away orders if she she cannot comfortably accommodate them in her bookings. The artist may also decline a paid commission upon review of a client's customization details if the requests do not suit her signature aesthetic or artistic license. If a commissioned order is to be declined prior to processing, the client will be notified promptly and issued a full refund to their initial form of payment.



        All sales are FINAL on all orders of customized, processed artworks. 

        If an order has begun any stage of processing after your initial details have been confirmed, then it is NOT eligible for a refund.  This includes upon client's submittal of the Customizing Details Form.

        If an order is wished to be cancelled BEFORE any processing has begun, we must be notified promptly. The original sale will then be refunded in an amount that excludes any merchant transaction fees and an initial processing fee of $25 may be deducted from the purchase order if needed.

        Your satisfaction with your purchase is our highest concern throughout the process and we will always try our very best to guarantee that you are pleased with your artwork.
        If you are truly unhappy for any reason and are completely dissatisfied with the outcome of your custom artwork, upon our receipt of your returned art, we will then issue you a gift certificate credit equal to the amount of the returned artwork.

        **It is highly recommended that all inquires, questions or concerns be addressed PRIOR to placing your order, by contacting us at . We are not liable for incorrectly ordered custom artwork products. Please check your cart items carefully before proceeding through the check-out page process!



        All illustrated works by the artist, including custom orders purchased on this site, are strictly for PERSONAL ENJOYMENT or GIFT-GIVING only.  Re-sale, duplication and/or business-use of the artist's work is strictly prohibited unless with written consent from the artist. For all commissioned and original artwork sales, the artist Jen Lublin retains digital rights to the digital file of those artworks.  For all limited edition print sales, the artist retains both digital & commercial rights of the artworks. If sharing your custom illustration work on social media, we require the Artist's handles to be tagged and credit mentioned in any social share (For Instagram: @jenlublindesign / For Facebook:  @Jen Lublin Design)



        If you wish to commission with the artist an illustration project for business-use or for re-sale purposes with licensing agreement, please contact us at to inquire more about the business-use process, contracts and rates.


        Thank you!